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Air cooled screw chiller CUM-ASCS

Each process cooling application is unique and because of that,CUMOND has the ability to design its air-cooled chillers to meet each client’s needs. Process water/glycol temperatures can be selected from -5F to 65F. A refrigeration system can be designed utilizing Centrifugal, Screw or Scroll compressors based on project profile and design points. Available options include integrated Free-Cooling Systems, Heat Recovery Systems Pump Packages, Storage tanks, Low Ambient Kits, High Ambient Kits and costal corrosion resistant designs.

  • Brand: CUMOND
  • Model: CUM-ASCS
  • Cooled type: Air cooled
  • Power: 30 KW - 120 KW
  • Cooling capacity: 37.2 tons to 138 tons
  • Refrigerant: R22 / R407C / R134A
  • Packing way: Wooden case
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Application :

Medium and large scale industrial cooling.

Centrair conditoning system.

Cold room,thermostatic chamber.

Design features :

Well Known Brand Compressor

1.Unit adopts Germany BITZER or Taiwan HANBELL brand semi-hermeitic screw compressor,The latest 5 or 6 patented rotor profile with excellent efficiency.

2.Adjustable infinite or closely stepped capacity control,features energy efficient,stable and quietunning.

3.Most aduanced patented highest precision manufacturing process.

4.Buit-in full intelligent monitoring and protection including thermal motor temperature monitoring,phase sequence monitoring,manual reset lock-out,oil temperature sensor.

5.Wide range of refrigerant for option,including R22 and R134a,R407c.

Microprogramming Control System :

1.Industrial PLC centralized control combined with compressor capacity control system,precisely monitor.

2.Integrated protection for low temprerature,high/low pressure,anti-freezing,phase missing,anti-phase,overload,motor over temperature,oildifferential,flow switch,star up latency.

3.Optional operation language,menu leading,unit running state easy to adjust.

Easy installation,Running :

1.Closely stepped start-up,minimize impact to electrictiy.

2.Steady and safe running,low vibration,easy for installation.

3.Compact structure,less space demand and light in weight,easy for transport and installation.

4.Compeletely wired,inspected and tested pre-delivery,saving insatllation time and cost.

screw air cooled chiller , screw chiller , unit air chillers , air chiller

Notice :

1 . Refrigerating capacity is based on the following :

a . Temperature conditions .

b . Chilled water return temperature 20℃ .

c . Chilled water outlet temperature 15℃ .

d . Cooling air inlet temperature 40℃ .

e . Cooling air outlet temperature 45℃ .

2 . Voltage supply :

a . Main power supply control power single-phase(three phase) .

b . 380V/50Hz .

3 . Scope of work :

a . Cooling air outlet temperature:22℃ to 50℃ .

b . Cooling air temperature values:3.5℃ to 6.5℃ .

c . Chilled water outlet temperature:5℃ to 35℃ .

d . Chilled water temperature difference:2.5℃ to 7℃ .

e . Recommended ambient temperature is not higher than 35℃ .

4 . Ordering information :

a . Please inform us if you have special requirements for the chilled water outlet temperature when you order .

b . In addition to product model listed above, we propose adifferent company welcomes customers .

c . Demandforthe new selection and manufacturing,the company reserves the right products .

d . Product design and specification changes without the consent of the rights .

5 . Specification and dimension for product improvement may change without prior notice .

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