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The rational analysis of plastic color mixing machine

2020-07-19 05:46:18 CUMOND MACHINERY 29

A plastic color mixing machine is a machine that combines two or more raw materials on average by applying machine force and gravity. It is commonly used in various industries and daily life. Let us introduce the truth of the plastic color mixing machine for everyone todat.

CUMOND plastic color mixing machine can disassemble a variety of materials to decompose the average mixture, such as cement, sand, gravel and water into concrete wet materials; it can also increase the surface area of the material to enhance chemical reactions; it can also accelerate physical changes. For example, the granular solute participates in the solvent, and the ablation of the machine can accelerate the ablation and mixing.

Commonly used plastic color mixing machines are divided into four categories: gas and low viscosity liquid mixers, medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixing machines, thermoplastic material mixing machines, powdered and granular solid materials mixing machines. The gas and low-viscosity liquid mixing machine features a simple layout and no migration transitions, low protection inspection and low energy consumption. This hybrid machine is divided into four types: airflow mixing, pipeline mixing, jet mixing and forced reincarnation.

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The mixing machine of medium and high viscosity liquid and paste has the same strong shearing effect; the thermoplastic material mixing machine is mainly used for mixing thermoplastic materials (such as rubber and plastic) with additives; powdery, granular solid material mixing machine Mostly intermittent operation, also includes machines with mixed and grinding effects, such as rim machines. When mixed, ask for everything involved in the spread of mixed materials on average. The mixed levels are classified into three categories: ambition, random mixing, and complete mismatch. The level of mixing of various materials in a hybrid machine depends on the proportion of the material to be mixed, the physical condition and characteristics, and the examples of the hybrid machine used and the duration of the mixed operation. 

The mixing of the liquid depends on the machine agitator, the gas stream and the jet of the liquid to be mixed, etc., so that the material to be mixed is agitated to reach the average confounding. The agitation causes the liquid activity of the department, and the active liquid pushes the liquid around it, and the result constitutes a recirculating liquid flow in the solution, and the dispersion between the liquids thus generated is called the main body convection dispersion. When the rate of liquid activity caused by the agitation is high, shearing effects are exhibited at the interface between the high-speed liquid stream and the surrounding low-speed liquid stream, so that a large number of local vortices occur. These vortexes are scattered to the surroundings, and more liquid is drawn into the vortex. The disordered convection dispersion formed in a small range is called eddy current dispersion.

The mixing mechanism of a large number of non-ablative powdery solids and liquids is similar to that of density, and the mixing mechanism of mutually incompatible liquids is the same, but the mixing can not change the particle size of the powdery solids. If the solid particles cannot be mixed before the mixing, the sedimentation rate is lower than the activity rate of the liquid, and the average suspension is not formed regardless of the stirring method adopted.

The confounding of the divergent paste is important to repeat the separation of the material to be mixed and subject to the strong shearing effect of the pressing, squeezing, squeezing, etc., followed by repeated merging and kneading, and finally reaching the requested level of mixing. . This kind of hybrid is difficult to reach the ambition, only to reach the random mixture. The powdery solid is mixed with a large amount of liquid and is a paste. The mixing mechanism is similar to that of the paste material.


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