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How to check and handle if the chiller compressor is noisy

2020-07-19 05:45:12 CUMOND MACHINERY 105

The chiller compressor is the most important part of the unit configuration. Therefore, before turning on the chiller, it is necessary to confirm whether the power supply voltage is normal, it must follow the steps and read the manual before operate. So, how do we deal with the noise of the chiller compressor?
1. Check if the compressor wheel is normal and the pipe is rubbed against the casing.
2. Check if the chiller compressor current is normal. If it is too high, it may be worn by the bearing or the scroll.
3. If the system charge is large, it is necessary to confirm whether the compressor crankcase heating belt of the chiller is fully preheated.
4. Whether the high and low pressure difference is small, such as the starting process, the defrosting process, or any similar working conditions.
5. Whether the chiller compressor has a reversal phenomenon, otherwise it may be the cause of the compressor itself.

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