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Where are the CUMOND chillers mainly used?

2020-07-19 05:43:09 CUMOND MACHINERY 25

Recently,We found that the chillers have many uses, ranging from factories to small individual life. Researchers need chillers to cool and lower temperatures. In personal life, machines like chillers are needed to lower the temperature, so since chillers The scope of use is so wide, why don't you know the specific use of it? Below, let CUMOND help you to find out more.

First, the migration chiller system

In the absence of fire water, in the event of a fire, firefighters must transfer water from other means, using some water tankers or special water guns to extinguish the fire.

Second, the general cooling water system

The general cooling water system refers to: all equipment that cools water through cooling, often requires some condensers, heat exchange systems, and reflection systems to achieve condensation.

Third, advantages of Chiller

Cooling water is both cyclic and direct. If the equipment with precipitation temperature is discharged later, the cold water at this time can only be used once, which is called DC system. If the system of precipitation temperature causes cold water to flow through and raises the temperature of the water, it is called a circulation system.

Fourth, the advantages of chiller

There are many advantages of the chiller, such as simple structure, saving water and electricity, easy processing, etc., so it will be widely used.

The above is the role and advantages of the different systems and systems of chillers shared by CUMOND. We hope we could help you and solve the problem in your daily using.We also welcome you share our news and helps others if you like it.Thanks~!

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