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How does the chiller achieve energy savings? CUMOND tells you how to do it.

2020-07-19 05:42:49 CUMOND MACHINERY 17

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Today we are going to teach you how to achieve energy savings when you're using chiller units.

1 . Pay attention to the water quality of chilled water and cooling water, and do a good job in water for employment. you should often checked and spurred.

2 . Control the overall situation of each cold occasion at any time, and open and stop the relevant wind cabinets and fan coils at the same time to reduce the heat load of the pits. In reality, the power consumption of the unit and the power consumption at the end can be reduced. .

3 . Diligent inspection. Pay attention to the closure of the outdoor doors and windows, in order to avoid leakage and outdoor hot air. More and more ideas about the construction of the south facing the gate in order to avoid the hot air coming in (due to the summer smoke)

4 . Find out the real situation of all cold use, control the best open, stop time, the more time is the use of chilled water pump to circulate water, the situation of the different systems, the timing of their control is also different.

5 . The change of the temperature of the left card and the change of the cold occasion, the industrial chiller will be opened or closed at the same time, and the operation time of the starter group and the reducer unit will be met, despite the need of air conditioning (with building automation). There are not many air-conditioning systems, and most of the computer rooms are also manually transferred.

6 . Always pay attention to the weather forecast of the center and the local area. I know the daily temperature change situation and develop the air-conditioner employment on a straight-line basis. There are often typhoons in the offshore area. Also pay attention to the changes in the weather. Real-time mediation of the operation of the unit. At the same time, the shutdown group and the shutdown group will reduce the cost of electricity.

7 . In the summer, when the temperature is high at 4 o'clock every day, you should pay close attention to the operating conditions of the chiller. Real-time mediation of the operation of the unit, do not wait until the indoor temperature is clear, the heat load is too large to increase the start-up group. It is so easy to damage the settings and increase the energy consumption. After adding the start-up group, it should be noted that when the chilled water return water temperature drops to the required level, immediately close the open unit (including the opposite refrigeration pump, cooling pump, cooling tower fan and its inlet and outlet valves), in order to avoid electricity The waste centrifugal unit should pay more attention to low-load surge.


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