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What should I do if there is frost on the chiller? How to solve?

2020-07-19 05:47:44 CUMOND MACHINERY 24

1. Check if the capacity of refrigerant is within the standard range. Whether the filling is too much or too little will affect the normal operation of the chiller.

2. Is it the use of multiple chillers in parallel? If the number of units to be turned on is large, it is necessary to check whether the start time of the frosting unit is too long (the combined unit has a control panel to set the opening and closing time of each chiller as required).

3. If it is a chiller, please check if the opening degree of the expansion valve is too large. The small point can be fine-tuned (if it is an electronic expansion valve adjustable circuit control panel).

4. If the opening degree of the expansion valve is too small, or there is blockage, the amount of refrigerant supplied will be reduced, which will cause the evaporation temperature to be low, causing frost on the evaporator fins; if the refrigerant does not flow back to the flow back continued evaporation in the trachea and compressor will cause frosting of the compressor and return line.

5. Check if the filter is too dirty, or the evaporator fins are too dirty, so that the heat exchange effect is poor, and the refrigerant evaporation does not flow back to the return pipe and the compressor continues to evaporate, resulting in frost formation.

6. If the operating environment of the chiller is not good, or the air does not circulate, it will also cause the heat dissipation effect to affect the unit frost.

What should I do if there is frost on the chiller? How to solve?

If there is frosting failure in the chiller, the company must use professional methods to complete the fault treatment in time to ensure the safe and stable operation of the chiller, and regularly check whether the various components of the chiller are worn or damaged, and should be replaced in time. In addition, when enterprises purchase chillers, they should properly match the chillers according to production needs, so as to better use chillers and reduce the cost of enterprise use.


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