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What are the warnings when the chiller fails?

2020-07-19 05:45:32 CUMOND MACHINERY 110

As we all known, all industrial equipment will have some problems after a long time of use, some faults, and sometimes there are some warnings about the fault. For example, there will always be a high-voltage alarm device on the refrigeration unit. In the event of an accident, the device will It was automatically started. When we start, we will find that there is a fault indicator that is turned off. Because there is a fault now, it lights up. Some smart technologies have a self-protection mechanism. For example, after the high-voltage warning fault light is on, It is no longer running, it is also to protect the machine.
As an operator, do not try to force it to open. Instead, check the problem and start the problem after figured out. If you can't, I suggest you contact the manufacturer of this refrigeration unit that you bought.
The refrigeration unit has two types: water-cooled chiller and air-cooled chiller. If it is an air-cooled chiller, you should check the ambient temperature used. If it is used in summer, it is easy to reach 40 degrees. If it exceeds 40 degrees, it is necessary to remove heat in time because the temperature is too high and the heat is not good. There are also other situations where high-pressure alarms occur, and the cooling water flow is too small. It is necessary to ensure that the refrigeration unit is in an air circulation environment.
If there is a warning state for the water-cooled chiller, it is likely that most of the cooling water circulation is faulty. Check the cooling water valve, sometimes it is not open, in that case, it will make the water shortage, there is no way to provide the chiller. Of course, sometimes it is also a problem of cooling water. At this time, it is also necessary to check whether the cooling tower has failed.

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